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IDK offers new interactive technology and digital marketing solutions that are changing the way people interact with branded and directional content

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About IDK [Interactive Digital Kiosks]

Connecting communities, businesses and organisations with their target audiences

A form of indoor and outdoor, out-of-home digital interactive communication and advertising

Provides tailormade solutions to address key trends in today’s market: the increasing power of today’s consumer and the enhanced use of data analytics

Digitally savvy to suit today’s consumer, providing immediate content that is fresh and engaging

Full system design, installation and maintenance as well as content production and project management

Anonymous Video Intelligence Analytics

Find out who is engaging with your content and for how long, with our patented Anonymous Video Intelligence Analytics (AVIA) software. AVIA is built into every IDK and provides key analytics to accurately define your audience.

The software uses the kiosk’s camera to determine the age, gender and dwell time of the end-user. AVIA ensures 100% anonymity and does not collect any personally identifiable information, including photographs.

Digital Ambassador Network

IDK Interactive has adopted a strategic focus on tourism, culture and heritage. Users are able to browse interactive web-based content while strategic network partners (tourist destinations, museums or government agencies) can communicate their services to the user.

Join our Digital Ambassador Network

as a Media Network Partner or Advertiser and make the right connections

Benefits for Partners

  • Ideal for Hotels, Tourism Ministries, Government or Private owned enterprises
  • Create a customer experience for your target audience
  • IDK allows you to communicate your service offering directly to the user or target audience e.g. Special Offers, Spa and Restaurant menus, rewards program, social media
  • Provides the ideal platform to enhance the way you engage with consumers

Benefits for Advertisers

  • IDK provides a more appealing experience to today’s digital consumer than traditional out-of-home advertising
  • Banner advertising and video advertising on screen saver mode options available
  • Delivers millions of impressions at opportune, high foot traffic locations
  • Detailed reporting analytics (consumer actions ie dwell time and screens viewed to user demographics)
  • High level targeting
  • Bespoke opportunities

Our Partners

Department of Culture and Tourism
Tourism Winnipeg
Masder City
Inlett Properties
Delta Hotels by Marriott

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Masdar City

P.O. Box 742259
301 - Third Floor Incubator Building
Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


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